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The kitchen

Central cooking area with suspended hood, induction plates, pyrolytic oven, microwave, dishwasher, washing machine and dining area for 6. All in one. In addition, 2 stools to seat at the cooking area while someone is cooking…; stools were designed in 1950 by Bertoia, who at that time began to experiment bending metal to get this timeless piece.
You will find the operating manuals for each appliance inside the drawer above the refrigerator; however, we have tried to buy easily handled appliances, just as the ones you use at your own home. The wooden door at the back of the kitchen takes you to a protected clothesline area, where you can line your laundry to dry. Please remember to close the door with key if you leave.
The dining chairs are an inspired Tulip design from 1958 (Eero Saarinen); you should also had found a marble Tulip table, but unfortunately it broke during its shipment to Lanzarote and we bought the glass one you see because the provider did not want to overtake the risk of a second shipment for such a valuable and delicate piece. 1958 is also the design year of the Artischoke- lamp of Poul Henningsen at the dining room. The room is completed with a tribute to the people who, over the years, inspired us. Thanks to them we are who we are and we like what we like ….

A last reference: All micro-cement decoration at the house, including the sinks at the bathrooms, was handmade by the local artist José Antonio Fontes, who during many years worked together with Cesar Manrique. We owe him a lot of inspiration … and to Sendo, Alexis, Valeriano ….

The living room

The living room was our biggest concern for many reasons; on one side it was difficult to light it without a loss of “architectural transparency”; on the other we were worried about privacy. It was difficult to get a solution that would provide privacy without sacrificing light and views; In addition, the size of the windows conditioned us any solution. Then it was the subject of the couch … to find one, able to look in the right direction and being enough big as to comfortably seat 6 people, was not an easy task; nor was the material: we had to be able to clean it perfectly each time a new guest was arriving. Finally, we decided ourselves for the 7-places-wraparound-couch you will find. And then the translucent blinds. The considerable size of the two main windows decided us to install a winch system to make its function easier to work, maintaining the idea of one only piece per window; the ones at the side can be operated individually using the built-in chain. We kindly ask not let the terrace doors open while the blinds are down, otherwise they will get damaged.

To illuminate the complete living-room area, we placed a cable suspended system with LED lights that does not breaks the feeling of the high ceilings and simultaneously illuminates the entire room evenly.
Over the bench that faces the rear part of the house, you will find the remote control for the air conditioning; if what you want is cold air, be sure that is in “cool” mode, and vice versa for heating. Energy is a limited and non-ecological good in Lanzarote and we always ask for a responsible use of it, exactly as you would do at your own home. In particular, do not leave air conditioning on if the access doors are open to the pool … would not make much sense.
TV or not TV … … the boob-tube, the goggle-box…. Should we put one? Or not? Honestly we thought much about it; after asking many friends, we decided we had to put television at home. So there it is… the dosage of use depends on you; the best picture is indeed the landscape, but we also understand that many people want to be entertained or informed with television. Because of the dimensions of the room, we had to choose a 55 inches one.
Music. You have at your disposal a Bose Livestyle entertainment system. With it you will get quality sound from the TV, your own device (as an iPhone or iPod), the DVD player or just from any of the music-satellite-channels. A good idea could be to bring your own cd´s or ipod if you want to listen to your own music.
There is also a Play Station 3 that you can use with your own games, if you wish it.
The satellite antenna is oriented to Astra, so will get most of the German channels and also some in other languages. A complete info of how to use the entertainment devices is directly over the table at the living room. Of course we will assist you anytime to answer your doubts.


One of the main elements of a house must be the bed. At it we spend many hours to recover ourselves from daily stress. Also on vacation. The sleeping sets we have chosen have a built-so, relieving pressure topper, providing a cooler rest, reducing the number of turns in bed at night. All beds have comfortable pillows and goose down duvets that make them warm in winter and cool in summer.

Master bedroom. With a 180×200 cm bed, is easily distinguished by its large window and views to the mountain “Desriscadero”. This window was another challenge for us. The scenery is impressive, but we had to get complete darkness during the sleeping time. The solution was again a rolling blind, this time motorized, acting as black out. You will find the remote control over one of the nightstands. The intensity of the 3 light bulbs suspended over the bed can be adjusted using the switch located at the entrance.

Bedrooms 2 and 3: one with two twin beds 90×200 and the other with one big bed, both are set exactly as the master bedroom (without sound system)

Terrace / Solarium / Pool

Sun and shadow; postcard views … well pointed and protected from prevailing winds (which may roll over and be somewhat annoying), the main outdoor area is prepared to comfortably accommodate 6 people both at its sofas and chairs and at its outdoor dining place.
Synthetic wood solarium invites you to relax over one of the deckchairs and to take a long sunbathe.
It would help a lot if you collect the cushions and mats at night: the weather, though friendly, is hard on the island. Thank you.

The pool contains 55 TM water, has a length of about 11 meters and a maximum width of about 3.5 meters. The depth increases from the stairs to reach 1.85 meters.
You will find a water temperature of around 24 degrees at the pool. This temperature is keeped by a heating pump, that automatically works to set that temperature in combination with the solar blanket; made from a film of thousands of tiny bubbles, retains heat in the pool. We can just guarantee this water temperature if you cover the pool with the blanket during the night and when you don´t use it. Thank you for your cooperation.
The pool should be used with caution. We do not recommend jump headfirst. It is obvious, but we must insist with the usual safety standards for such facilities.
We cannot be responsible for any accident caused by negligence or carelessness. The platform can slide with wet feet. In the central hours of sunny days, the surface may be hot, keep that in mind.
You will get a pool-claning service every 4 – 5 days; the pool will be also kept in perfect chlorine and PH conditions.

Upper terrace

We thought that the best use we could give it was just to rest. We already had two dining rooms (indoor and outdoor) sofas areas … what else could we do if we do not reserve it as the quiet area of the house? The hammock Heademock by Fatboy was a wonderful choice. And there it is, so that you can enjoy it. It is designed for one or two people and supports up to 150 kilos of weight. You will find it closed and in its case. We thank you if you leave it like that.
The upper terrace is a good choice to see the sunset or the stars at night… try it!